Where can God use your talents?



We hold as our highest honor to worship the King of kings and Lord of lords. Our Worship is a full expression of love and devotion to God. We are his priest dedicated to the office of worship. Our ministry is made up of ordinary people from our congregation utilizing their talents and gifts from the Lord.



The name of our youth ministry is “Contagious”. We believe that God has chosen this generation to be the most contagious, on fire group of young people that exists on the face of this planet. We do this by engaging both the hearts and mind of our young people with biblical teaching and dynamic worship. We also have a blast just playing games, having fun and fellowship after each service. Contagious youth are given the opportunity to grow in their gifting by participating in the band, youth mission trips and local out reaches.



Children are a gift from God. It is through this ministry we are training the next generation of believers. We take every opportunity to expand God’s Kingdom in the hearts of His little ones. We do this by teaching a fun and biblical curriculum that encourages children to seek God while they are young. We ensure that all of our volunteers are back ground checked to provide a safe environment for parents.





We believe that God has gifted individuals with a capacity to use technology as their instruments of worship and praise to God. We do this by providing opportunity for these individual to serve in our media department. We believe it is our responsibility to use all the tools God has given us to reach a lost and dying world. 


There is no greater experience a Christian can have than to go on a mission trip. Stepping outside of our comfort zone allows believers to fulfill the Lord’s commission to preach the gospel to all nations. This is the delight and heart of our church; to let as many people know about Jesus Christ as we can. We do this through local and foreign mission trips. We believe it is our duty to support full time missionaries.


Our prayer and hope is to raise up church planters who will go locally and abroad and establish  new work. We are continually on the lookout for those whom God has called to pastoral ministry. We desire that God would use our church to facilitate the equipping and the sending of these individual into the world.